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GIS Fundamentals, 4th Edition

Softcover available for $39, from Atlas Books,, 800-247-6553
ISBN 978-0-9717647-3-6.

DRM digital version available, $25, from BryteWave here,
or at, with a search for Bolstad

2:Data Models
3:Geodesy and Map Projections
4:Data Entry and Editing
5:Global Navigation Satellite Systems
6:Aerial and Satellite Images
7:Digital Data Sources
8:Tables and Relational Databases
9:Basic Spatial Analysis
10:Topics in Raster Analysis
11:Terrain Analysis
12:Interpolation and Spatial Estimation
13:Spatial Models
14:Data Standards and Quality
15:Future Trends

Updates in the 4th edition include over 80 new pages, over 40 modified or new figures, and heavily updated sections on new datums, digital data, GNSS/GPS modernization, table selection and joins, simple spatial analysis, and terrain analysis. Each page has been edited, with changes on more than 400 pages.