Lesson Exercises, QGIS

These are developed for an introductory GIS course. The course uses "GIS Fundamentals" by Paul Bolstad as a text, and practices the topics covered more or less in the order treated in the book. They are arrayed below by row, with exercise descriptions as MSWord files (.docx), then the zip compressed lesson data. You may use izArc, 7zip, or any one of a number of free or inexpensive programs to decompress the data files.

This is version 0.8, so some minor edits are probably in order. Since the handouts are doc files, you can edit as you see fit.

We're still working on the videos referred to in the lessons, we hope to get them on the site within a few months.

Install QGIS on a PC

Introduction to QGIS, data
Projections, data
Digitizing, data
Georeferencing, data
Digital data, data
Tables 1, data
Tables 2, data
Buffering and overlay, data
Raster analysis, data
Terrain analysis, data
Interpolation, data
Cartographic modeling 1, data
Cartographic modeling 2, data