Lesson Exercises, ArcGIS 10

These are largely borrowed from an introductory GIS course. The course uses "GIS Fundamentals" as a text, and practices the topics covered more or less in the order treated in the book. They are arrayed below as first the exercise descriptions as MSWord files (.docx), then the zip compressed lesson data, then a set of (often large) videos referred to in the lessons, also compressed. You may use WinZip, izArc or any one of a number of free or inexpensive programs to decompress these files.
If you have any trouble downloading, you might try the mirror site at:


Introduction to ArcGIS, data, videos
Projections, data, videos
Digitizing, data, videos
Georeferencing, data, videos
Digital data, data, videos
Tables 1, data, videos
Tables 2, data, videos
Buffering and overlay, data, videos
Raster analysis, data, videos
Terrain analysis, data, videos
Interpolation, data, videos
Cartographic modeling 1, data
Cartographic modeling 2, data