Errata, GIS Fundamentals, 5th Edition

Below are significant errors found to date, listed by chapter, for the first printing of the 5th Edition of GIS Fundamentals. These are the errors that change meaning, the gravest type, or be errors in grammar or formatting, for which we also apologize. Both kinds will be fixed with new printings.

Chapter 1

page 12, second paragraph, second sentence:
"estimate" should be "estimates"

Chapter 2

page 70, last paragraph:
....."or numbers from 0 to 126, to" .....should be ....."or numbers from 0 to 127, to"...

Chapter 3

page 93, near the end of the 2nd paragraph:
"The difference between the ellipsoidal height and the geoidal height at any...." should be
"The difference between the ellipsoidal height and the orthometric height at any...."

page 108, first column, Figure 3-24 should be cited

page 110, third paragraph, 2nd to last sentence and last sentece should be changed:
..."surface at the starting point. The curved...

page 130, last paragragh, first sentence:
"University Transverse Mercator..." should be "Universal Transverse Mercator...."

Chapter 5

page 220, second full paragraph, start of third sentence, "because" should be "Because"

page 235, caption for figure 5-35, last sentence "....or nearby geodetic control points" should be changed to ".....or from nearby geodetic control points."

Chapter 10

page 463, figure 10-18 should be:

page 468, figure 10-22 should be:

Chapter 12

page 530, second column, 2nd to last paragraph, "...when n=1 (Figure 12-9)....." should be "....when n=3 (Figure 12-9)......."

Chapter 15

page 652, caption for figure 15-11, near midpoint, "....location an texture class...." should be changed to ".....location and texture class...."

Appendix D

page 699, correct answer to problem 2.12 should be b and e. For c, latitude values must be between -90 and 90

page 725, answer to problem 10.4, lower rightmost panel, answer should show:
=10; median list is 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16